• Empathy
  • Courage
  • Resiliency

Purpose In Life

To impact the Billions of people in this world for the betterment of this world.


  • Making new friends and connecting with people. Storytelling, and listening to people's life stories.
  • Fitness, Rockclimbing, Running.
  • Exploring new places, volunteering. Innovation, Problem solving, Learning.

About Me

Juan aspires to make a huge positive impact in this world one day. He loves people and wants to find a way to connect the world and make it even more friendly, inclusive, and accessible to everyone. Juan believes technology is one of the ways to accomplish this and as a developer, he has learned how to break down problems into smaller steps and find the solutions to them whether it's through finding the answers online or through asking for help. Juan always finds a way and he loves feedback and learning from his failures.

Below are some words, I would use to describe myself:

Persistent Learner

I love learning even if it's a challenging topic. Going through Suncoast Developers Guild, a fast pace coding boot camp, taught me that I'm a persistent learner. Even though there was plenty of times where I felt overwhelmed and behind when it came to learning how to code, I never gave up, and I kept pushing myself to keep on learning. That's why when it comes to learning any new skills or information in life, I know that if put my mind to it, I can learn anything.

Courageous Explorer

In high school, I used to be shy and never really did much until the end of senior year. At that point, I've realized how much I missed out on in life and decided to change in college. When I went to USF St Pete, I was to overcome my shyness by getting out of my comfort zone and getting support from friends. It's one of my proudest accomplishments and it taught me that I'm a courageous explorer. I love getting out of my comfort zone and facing my fears.

People Connector

I love people, I believe in the good in people. I want to make an impact, because their's so many people out there that are amazing and deserve an opportunity to go after what they want and sometimes they don't get the opportunity to because of the situation they been thrown in life. That's why I love connecting people to one another. I believe if we as a community truly knew one another, we would always be more willing to help one another when complicated situation arises, so I love connecting people to one another, I want to see a world where everyone is friends with one another.


Below is a list of some of the projects I built. You can find more on my GitHub Account.

Portfolio CopyTest
My Coding HobbyTest
Octodex Copy SiteTest
1989 MoviesTest
Jobs Near ByTest
HSL Color ChangerTest